January 1 - December 31, 2024

The Chit Tour

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The Chit Tour

A Journey Through the SADHANA Approach

Unlock the rich potential of your Truest Self with The Chit Tour—a transformative series of masterclasses designed to explore, heal, and rejuvenate the seven elements of the SADHANA Approach. Tailored for passionate individuals, this masterclass is your pathway to deepening inner peace and enhancing enjoyment of every facet of life.

Each session is meticulously crafted, inviting you into a world where physical vitality (your body) meets mental health (your mind) and spiritual awakening (your soul). Engage directly with your guide Ian, who is not only an expert in the fields of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Total Biology, and Trauma-Informed Coaching, but also deeply embedded in the practical application of spiritual wellbeing. As you journey through these classes, each element (chakra) opens up new possibilities: stabilizing your foundation, unleashing creativity, boosting personal power, opening your heart to love, finding your voice, enhancing intuition and ultimately connecting you deeply with your higher consciousness.

Beyond just learning techniques on how to achieve better balance across all planes — physical, mental, and spiritual — participants will experience genuine transformation that integrates seamlessly into daily professional living. Expect personalized insights that cater specifically to passionate individuals seeking respite from the stresses of daily demands.

Don’t let another moment slip by without nurturing yourself holistically! Step into a wellspring of wellness guided by proven principles rooted within ancient wisdom yet tailored for modern lives. Enroll in The Chit Tour today; begin transcending towards deeper inner peace while empowering body, mind, and soul!

Ready for change? Join us on this remarkable adventure!